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Pit Bulls Debunked - An essay describing the myths, falsehoods, and misperceptions of this wonderful breed.

English Bulldog
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Sweet Sophia at 7 months - PA
Tank strutting outside 3-4 mos old
English Bulldog puppies
"Biker Bully"
Jubilant owned by Beatrice (the-bulldog.com)
Diesel, an AKC English Bulldog. He is owned by Sara H.
Diesel at 8 months old. He is owned by Sara H.
Rocky at 4 months. Owned by David and Myunghee.
Profile of Jubilant, owned by Beatrice (the-bulldog.com)
Winston Churchhill at 5 mo. He is owned by Rebekah B.
angus at 10 months
Striker owned by Beatrice (the-bulldog.com)
Bronx, a 2 year old from Iroc Bulldogs in Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Big Hank 5 months
Big Hank 3 months
trump 7 weeks
Tank at 3 months
bentley at 12 months owner walter g south gate ca.
Tsunami at 7 years
super- Tank with face-pudge running
Angus 10 months old
2 yrs old Stud
Lord and the owner
gunner 2 yrs old
angel at 2 yearsold
Jazzy & her Christmas present
maggie 15 weeks
chunky monkey taking a bite!aged 7wks
tubbie 1 yr old
Boris,8 month
Big Block "Biggy" 15 months HotRod Factory Mascot
Lord after some days
5 months
oreo 7 weeks
Lord in KOSOVO
Dallas playing alligator

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