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Pit Bulls Debunked - An essay describing the myths, falsehoods, and misperceptions of this wonderful breed.

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Vacationing With Your Dog
Vacationing With Your Bully Breed The excitement of planning your next family vacation might be tempered by the thought of leaving your dog behind, either in the ca...

Five Ways to Prevent Congenital Problems in Dogs
Preventing Congenital Problems in Dogs Illnesses and diseases are bound to affect our dogs at some point in their lives and often we do everything that we can to pr...

How Much Does it Cost to Own a Dog?
The Cost of Dog Ownership There is no doubt that a dog adds unlimited love and immeasurable joy to a family. Dogs often become important parts of the family and, l...

How To Care For Your Aging Dog
Caring For Your Aging Dog It can be a difficult and emotional time when your dog starts to get older and you face the fact that your beloved dog is slowing down and...

Teaching your Dog to Come When Called
Training your Dog to Come When Called The recall is one of the most important commands that you can teach your dog. It comes in extremely handy in a number of diffe...

Puppy Biting / Nipping
How to Deal with Puppy Biting Why is my puppy biting? We could argue this all day long; there are several schools of thought on the matter. I think that it really ...

Bully Breeds - Where is the Love?
No Love for Bully Breeds Whether you’re a devoted fan of this tenacious group of dogs or a firm detractor, one can not deny their overwhelming presence in ou...

Training and Socializing your Pit Bull
Useful Tips for Training and Socializing your Pit Bull or Bully Breed Owners of APBTs and other bully breeds need to be more vigilant than any other dog owner in sh...



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