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Pit Bulls Debunked - An essay describing the myths, falsehoods, and misperceptions of this wonderful breed.

American Staffordshire Terrier
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Nebula at 12 months. She is owned by Nelson Herminio.
Rambo (9 weeks old) and Diamond (4 months old)
The General, a 10 week old Am Staff owned by Candi W.
Zasha at 8 years. She is owned by Christina from Oakland, California
Eowyn at 7 weeks old
Nebula at 12 months. She is owned by Nelson Herminio.
Baby, a 4 yr Staffy. Baby weighs 65 lbs at 20 inches high.
Broken Hill's Duran & Sassie
Cezar (not sure of the age).
Charlotte 1 year and 2 mnths old
Cezar not sure of the age.
Malachi, a rescue from a fight operation. Owned by John & Erica
Santa FastWater
Brock and Tyson
Lexie 4 years young!!
Sasha, 10 months
Santa FastWater is a Champion of Russia and Moldova
Lucie at 3 yrs old
Rocco at 6 weeks New Zealand
Kamo at 9 months
Bruce 2yrs Lil bruce 7 wks
Charlotte at 14 weeks
BUSTER @ 5 mounths
Zeus 6 weeks old
Jack 7 month old Staffy!!

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