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Pit Bulls Debunked - An essay describing the myths, falsehoods, and misperceptions of this wonderful breed.

American Pit Bull Terrier
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Juble 18 months
Lilly at nearly 2 years owned by Rachel & Mehmet in North Cyprus
Xyla - 3 years old - owned by Muddy Mike
Bluecrest Shadow of the Stars at 3 months. Owned by All Star Kennel
Seoul at 10 weeks. Owned by Chris P.
Chaparro at 3 months old. He is owned by Dorian and Fery.
Bella, a Blue Pit Bull owned by the Lehman's
Dozer, a blue pit bull at 11 months
Lilly at 2 months owned by Rachel & Mehmet in North Cyprus
Dixie Belle at 10 weeks. Owned by Jeff from Kentucky Pitbull Kennels
Harley Mae at 1 year old. She is an adopted pit bull.
American Pit Bull Terrier named Bunni
Infinite Justice from Hog Dog Kennel
Man with Pit Bull Hunting Companion
Whisper, a Villalobos Rescue Center alumnus
simba 3yrs
Rudy the red nosed pit bull
big jake,2&1/2 years old
Ziggy - 13 months old - owned by Muddy Mike
Dozer at 9 months
Diego and Kr├╝ger(pit bull)
Tyson at 1 year old. He is from Tuscon, Arizona.
Bella, a Blue Pit Bull. She is 10 weeks old
Layla at about 12 weeks
Grey, a 13 mo. old pit bull owned by Viktor S.
Rufus, owned by Leslie from New York City
Max a 22 month old pitbull rescued by the Humane Society. He is enjoying the company of his new friend Olive.
I'm Brooklyn and I'm 8 months old here. I know I'm not supposed to be on the couch and I got caught! I'm owned by Jackie and Roy M. of Toronto.
Alfie, gazing out the window. Owned by Mike and Cheryl B.
Sunshine, a Villalobos Rescue Center alumnus
Old photo of pit bull
Old photo of boy with pit bull
Dixie Belle at 14 weeks. Owned by Kentucky Pitbull Kennels

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