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Pit Bulls Debunked - An essay describing the myths, falsehoods, and misperceptions of this wonderful breed.

American Bulldog
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Jenna at 2yrs
Dutchess and her 9 week old girls
Beau at 10 months.
Amos Moses at 5 months
Eli 8 weeks
Buddy at 23 months
Kash at 4 months
Spike and Lady K
cloe 8 weeks old
Buddy and Dottie
HTB's Zig Zag aka Ziggy
Athena at 6 months she is very playful
HTB's Spanky at 11 months
beau ready for a walk in his halti
Spike at 14 months
punchy at 11months old lives in england
Karmas 1st birthday
beau at 14 months
Amos Moses around 2 months
Spanky's 1st UKC Show
CoCo at 6 months
Spanky's favorite resting spot
bambam 2yrs
Buddy at 20 months.
Bella at 21 months
Iris, (18 months), sleeping.
Beau with my girls
babes at 4 month
Chaos the King at 7 months. *wink* owned by Rob and Shannon
mother and son jess and dj
Grimace at 2 years. only 90 lbs. but still the cutest boy around

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